physical condition

physical condition
the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
Hypernyms: ↑condition, ↑status
wakefulness, ↑bloodiness, ↑incompatibility, ↑acathexia, ↑angiotelectasia, ↑torpor, ↑torpidity, ↑agalactia, ↑agalactosis, ↑anesthesia, ↑anaesthesia, ↑anhidrosis, ↑anhydrosis, ↑arousal, ↑sleep, ↑slumber, ↑sopor, ↑drive, ↑elastosis, ↑flatulence, ↑flatulency, ↑gas, ↑flexure, ↑flection, ↑flexion, ↑estrus, ↑oestrus, ↑heat, ↑rut, ↑anestrus, ↑anestrum, ↑anoestrus, ↑anoestrum, ↑hypercapnia, ↑hypercarbia, ↑hypocapnia, ↑acapnia, ↑asphyxia, ↑oxygen debt, ↑hyperthermia, ↑hyperthermy, ↑normothermia, ↑hypothermia, ↑muscularity, ↑myasthenia, ↑sterility, ↑infertility, ↑false pregnancy, ↑pseudocyesis, ↑pregnancy, ↑gestation, ↑maternity, ↑rigor mortis, ↑vitalization, ↑vitalisation, ↑good health, ↑healthiness, ↑fertility, ↑fecundity, ↑potency, ↑potence, ↑pathological state, ↑disorder, ↑upset, ↑cellularity, ↑addiction, ↑dependence, ↑dependance, ↑dependency, ↑habituation, ↑suspended animation, ↑cryptobiosis, ↑dilatation, ↑distension, ↑distention, ↑emmetropia, ↑sedation, ↑hyperpigmentation, ↑hypopigmentation, ↑amyxia, ↑cold sweat, ↑abnormality, ↑abnormalcy, ↑obstruction, ↑blockage, ↑poisoning, ↑toxic condition, ↑intoxication, ↑analgesia, ↑oligospermia

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